Home of the Pharaohs, the Gift of the Nile, and spellbinding treasury of the Red Sea! Egypt is a dazzling country that attracts people all over the world. And, there is a really good reason. Egypt has a charming mix of perfect weather, prominent weather, serene nature, superb beaches, and dramatic deserts. Some slow pace and vibrant life at the same time! We’re not lying when we say that Egypt has something for everyone. With so much to see and activities to do, you’re going to love your Egypt tour, whether it is a family vacation or honeymoon in Egypt. We’ve prepared what we thought were the top tourist attractions to visit in your luxury vacation in Egypt. Let’s start!

Cairo’s Historic Treasures

Great Pyramids of Giza

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When you first think of Egypt, what is the first thing that pops into your head? – The Great Pyramids of Giza, of course! Without a doubt, the Great Pyramids are the most notable and recognizable landmark, not just in Egypt, but the whole world. Being the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, these historical treasures have been mystifying the world for years. If you’re planning a family vacation or even a honeymoon in Egypt, never miss passing by these impressive structures.


Open the door to the past as you admire the Great Pyramids and listen to incredible tales of ancient Egypt. From the very first look, you’ll be stunned by these huge pyramids and how they were built without modern tools. And, honestly, no one knows! Have a lovely camel ride on the golden desert, have the famous photos with the enigmatic Sphinx, or follow in the footsteps of the Pharaohs inside one of the pyramids. Yes, a thrilling adventure! Just a small piece of advice, if you come across a man with a canine head, that’s Anubis, the god of death. He is probably searching for you to tear out your heart and weigh your sins. Shhh, just RUN!

Saqqara and Memphis

places near me while visiting Egypt Try not to get overwhelmed when you visit the capital of ancient Egypt or stand before the first stone structure!

If you think Egypt only owns the Great Pyramids, you’re totally wrong. Lying just outside of Cairo, Saqqara is the ancient necropolis of the Old Kingdom. Rising prominently from the golden desert, the Step Pyramid, the Red Pyramid, and the Bent Pyramid are stunning evidence of such a great history. You can’t get mistaken for the significant Step Pyramid of Djoser, the first stone structure in Egypt.

Being a part of every Egypt tour, these pyramids are outstanding reminders of the brilliant architecture and dizzying treasures of the ancient Egyptians. And, we can’t really get enough of pyramids, can we?! Complement your history dosage for the day and pass by Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom. Although most of the city was ruined, you can still see the glorious remains, including the statue of Ramesses II and embalming tables from the “House of the Apis Bulls.” History lovers or not, you’re going to love this iconic trip!


Egyptian Museum

places near me while visiting Egypt

Welcome to the treasure trove of ancient Egypt, the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East! The Egyptian Museum is home to more than 5,000 rare artifacts, belonging to the ancient Egyptian kingdom. Each corner exhibits a magnificent piece of art or statue that tells a different story. The outstanding royal mummies are among the noteworthy exhibitions of the museum. And, of course, we can’t surpass the stunning golden glory of Tutankhamun, can we?!

Medieval Walkthrough Islamic Cairo

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Let’s be clear on this, you’re not here for glitzy city or fancy destinations, are you?! – Let’s go back in time to the Fatimid and Mameluke eras as you delve into the narrow lanes of Old Cairo. Feast your eyes on the old Islamic architecture of the mosques, madrassas, houses, and monuments. Start your trip at Al-Azhar Mosque, Sultan Hassan, and Beit El Suhaymi. Don’t skip the famous Salah El Din Citadel to visit the amazing Mosque of Mohammed Ali. Also, the citadel offers one-of-a-kind panoramic scenery of the whole city that will leave definitely steal your heart.

places near me while visiting Egypt And, if your feet are not sore yet, continue your walk in the shopping souk of Khan El Khalili, where you can get many lovely souvenirs. El Muizz Street is the best place to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet the Egyptians on a close scope. We’re not done yet! Satisfy your adventurous spirit and climb to the top of Bab Zuweila minarets and enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire district. Without a question, Islamic Cairo is a must-go destination that must atop any Egypt tour.

Spiritual Trip to the Coptic District

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Step inside the Coptic District in Cairo and you will be astonished by a glut of prominent spots and a glorious neighborhood. The Coptic District, also known as the Religious Complex, is home to the three Abrahamic Religions, with 7 significant churches, mosques, and the Jewish temple. A sight to behold! With every religious symbol standing next to the other, such diversity creates an artistic picture that will leave your mind boggled.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

With so many places to visit, we can’t deny that it is overwhelming! The district houses an extensive range of historical spots, including the Coptic Museum, the Hanging Church, Babylon Fortress, and St, George Church. We can’t be there and not visit St. Sergio Church, believed to be the hideout of the Holy Family after fleeing to Egypt. Pass by the first mosque in Africa, Amr ibn Al Aas and get amazed by the Roman and Byzantine decorative columns. Our last spot will be Ben Ezra Synagogue, the last surviving trace of the Jewish community in Egypt.

Serene Stay in Siwa Oasis

Siwa oasis

Do you opt for some seclusion during your Egypt trip? – Pack your bags and let’s have a quiet family vacation in Siwa Oasis, Egypt’s quiet paradise. Siwa is the tranquil tonic to Egypt’s buzzing destinations, giving some sense of peace and serenity away from the crowds. Clear your mind, connect with the amazing nature, and lose yourself in the primitive life. Have a walk among the palm trees, enjoy a swim in the water springs, and chill on your back at the Salty Lakes. Sand Burial Treatment is highly common among people who suffer from joint pain or rheumatism. Also, Hot Springs are known for curing some diseases as they are packed with minerals. Serene, quiet, charming, and never ever boring!

Red Sea Jewels

Golden sand, blue sky, sunny weather, and turquoise beaches! Yes, this is the perfect family vacation.

Want to spend a jaw-dropping luxury vacation in Egypt? – Nothing can really compete with Egypt’s paradise, the Red Sea. Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are the most treasured spots for sun-seekers, nature lovers, and adventure thrillers alike. The two fabulous cities are the Red Sea’s cherry on top, with crystal-clear waters, rainbow-hued fish, a myriad of striking corals, and perfect weather.

In Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, there is no shortage of things to do! Relax by the beach, stuff your eyes with the wondrous views, or go swimming in the sparkling waters. Enjoy snorkeling or diving adventures, have some underwater action, swim with the fish, and get close to the picturesque corals. Oh, and you can add some spice to your beach break and enjoy one of the thrilling watersports, including parasailing, kitesurfing, and more. If you’re into hiking, climb to the top of Mount Sinai and watch the magical sunrise in unbelievable scenery.

Luxor and Aswan Historical Gems

Whether you’re spending your honeymoon in Egypt or having a family vacation, you can’t just miss the beautiful cities of Luxor and Aswan.

Famed for the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor has an unmatched bundle of grandeur monuments and significant temples. With so many tourist attractions, Luxor is considered the biggest open-air museum in the world. Take a look at the vibrant decorations on the columns and gaze in awe at the depictions of the funeral procession at Tutankhamun’s tomb and you will see why Luxor has mystified the world for years. Follow in the footsteps of Hatshepsut in her famous temple and take photos between the mighty columns of the Karnak’s Hypostyle Hall. Do you want more? – Pass by Luxor Museum, Luxor Temple, the Tomb of the Nobles, and the Mummification Museum. No, you won’t be running for your life from a mummified king. What?! Pharaoh’s curse? – Oh, you must come closer and try for yourself!

Do you want to breathe in some chilled-out atmosphere away from the buzzing world? – With serene nature and freshening vibes, Aswan is considered a gold mine for those looking for a nice retreat. Backed with the stunning orange-hued dunes and soothing Nile River, Aswan is the best place to have a break and unwind for a bit. Hop aboard a nice felucca and enjoy a cup of tea as you watch the monuments pass by. All you see is the enthralling nature, all you feel is the slow movement of the felucca against the glittering water, and all you hear is the humming of the birds. Wow! And, of course, you can’t surpass the magnificent Philae Temple, lying in the middle of the water on Aglika Island. Abu Simbel Temple Complex is among the undeniable highlights of the city that you must visit in Aswan. A city filled with historical wonders, amazing nature, and much happiness!

Ready to visit Egypt?!

Are you a history buff or nature lover? Are you seeking spiritual trips or religious tours? Are you up to a hiking adventure or an underwater thrill? Do you want to experience the glamour of modern Cairo or have a Bedouin dinner in the middle of the desert? – Whatever your taste, Egypt has it all! When you hear Egypt, your mind conjures up stunning images and vibrant emotions. And, it is easy to see why! Prepare your bags, ask for the famous Egypt tours, check our vacation packages, and enjoy your luxury vacation in Egypt’s wondrous cities. Are you ready to spend your vacation in Egypt?!